This is our Trust vision.

It draws on the language of the Diocese of Leeds through its core values of Loving, Living and Learning. These words can easily be read through the lens of education, of learning and of what we strive to do every day in our schools. They are inclusive words that point to the diverse nature of experience lived across the diocese and in particular in our schools.

Our vision also references and is coloured by the Church of England’s vision for education, published in 2016, which speaks of the practice of education being Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good. This articulation of vision is one that is ‘generous and seeks to allow the riches of Christian life to overflow to those of other faiths or of no faith, sharing the bigger vision of what we think education is for’. It is also a vision that speaks of securing transformational outcomes for children and young people by combining academic rigour with a rounded approach to personal development.

As a Church Trust our starting point is, inevitably, that God might exist, might be interested in us as human beings and might be active in our world. Because of that we believe God is inherently interested in each of us and desires to see everyone reach their full potential and experience life in all its fullness. This is our worldview and provokes and underpins the work of the Trust. We also think it is important that all those who work with us understands our starting point. However, the Trust knows not everyone will have this worldview and we actively embrace that diversity of viewpoint and seek collectively to build an inclusive culture where everyone will be safe and find a home that will allow them to flourish. In this regard each of our schools will also have their own vision, serving their unique communities and that is something to be celebrated.